Little Tigers

SORRY! THIS CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR NOW.  PLEASE CHECK BACK TO SEE IF IT HAS RESUMED!  If your child is 4 yrs. old we can possibly do an evaluation to see if we can start them in our regular classes.  THANK YOU!

Little Tigers

Our Little Tigers Program is designed specifically for the 3 & 4 year olds to focus on the benefits such as motorskills, coordination, respect, etc… that will serve as a strong foundation for not only the martial arts but Life! The Little Tigers Program also serves as a stepping stone program to our regular course.  

Curriculum: We offer a great Stripe based curriculum which is based on our school aged and above Tae Kwon Do curriculum but is modified and broken down into steps for the age appropriateness of the 3 & 4 year old.  It helps motivate the Little Tigers by way of a reward system and showcases their progress/achievements right there on their belts!

· Yellow Stripe: Counting 1-8 in Korean

· Green Stripe: 4 Basic Blocking Techniques

· Blue Stripe: 3 Basic Kicks

· (3) Red Stripes: Kwon Sool (first form by progression)

* Parents: Please understand that once your child receives a stripe, it means that they understand the concept but still require much more practice.*

** Once they receive all their stripes they may be ready to advance to our regular program. This will be determined by the Instructor depending on focus and attention span.**

  Although curriculum is an important aspect of the Little Tigers training it is 2nd to the most important aspect...Activities!  The activities used in our Little Tigers program are designed to teach the children Life Skills such as Focus, Balance, Coordination, Reaction and Timing just to name a few.  These drills disguise repetition and make learning fun!


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