Our After School and Summer Camp Programs are designed to offer a safe, structured alternative to day care for the working parent(s). With martial arts as the foundation for your childs provisions, they will benefit greatly from all that Tae Kwon Do has to offer.  In addition to learning self defense (which is taught for self defense purposes only) your child will develop an increase in Confidence, Control, Courtesy, motor skill development, focus and discipline, to name a few, which all contribute to Great Life Skills!!! 


We pick up from RBA, Belville and Town Creek. Please call for more information


We pick your child up from the majority of the schools in and around the community so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety or location.  If you don’t need us to provide transportation talk to an instructor about our discounted rate. 

Daily Activities:

We follow a set of fun, structured daily activities that helps promote comfort and organization for our after school children.  Upon arrival the children’s daily activities consist of :

Tae Kwon Do class:  Where the children practice and learn core fundamentals of martial arts like Courtesy, Self Control, Self Discipline, Confidence and of course Self Defense all with the help of our highly trained staff and instructors.  TKD Class is 3 days of the week.

Snack Time:  We provide snacks for the kids everyday.

Homework Time:  Because Martial Arts is a balance of mental and physical training we emphasize the importance of Good Grades in school.  Homework time is very important and kids are provided with the help of our staff to help them understand their homework assignments. They are also provided with homework supplies to utilize for their studies.

Free Time:  After the children finish their homework they can relax and enjoy their supervised free time where they can participate in a fun game, read a book, talk to their friends or continue their studies as necessary in a supervised environment.


Summer Camps will begin on June 3rd 2019

Our Summer Camps are scheduled 9 out of the 12 weeks of summer (closed the week of the 4th of July and 2 other breaks). In order to provide a safe, educational and Fun environment for your children.  Each week is designed with a specific theme in mind to make learning a FUN & EXCITING experience!  The summer activities consists of weekly field trips, Swimming, Tae Kwon Do classes, Pizza Parties, Games, Activities and much more! 

Your children will definitely enjoy and benefit greatly from any of our AWESOME programs! So come on by and register TODAY!!!  Call us for more Information! (910) 383-2101