What is Tae Kwon Do?

  The literal meaning (translation) of Tae Kwon Do is “foot, hand, art”- or the way of the hand and foot. However, Tae Kwon Do means much more than kicking and punching.  It is a non-violent discipline that achieves the goal of inner peace by conditioning the entire body.  This art originated in Korea and it is now the most practiced martial art in the world.

Byung Lee’s King Tiger Traditional Approach

The true symbol of martial arts in the orient is respect.  This tradition continues to be taught at Byung Lee’s King Tiger academies.  If you feel that discipline, respect, and a positive character development are important to you and your family, then Byung Lee’s King Tiger Tae Kwon Do is for you.

Our Masters and Instructors also encourages academic achievement and requires copies of every student’s report card before they are promoted to a higher belt rank.

Byung Lee’s King Tiger Academies focus on building a strong community through personal growth and individual strength.  At our schools you become a vital part of the whole as you realize your own potentials through the dynamic relationships you develop with the instructors and other students.  This family spirit is carried home, to school, to the office, and to every other part of life.  It is not just self-defense or a way to stay fit.  It’s A WAY OF LIFE!

Who Studies TKD?

Everyone from age 5 and up can learn TKD.  It is a discipline that is specific for the individual—so whatever age, whatever weight, whatever handicap you may have, Tae Kwon Do can help you learn to improve yourself and your lifestyle.

Why Do People Study TKD?

 Many people desire to learn self-defense, lose weight, gain confidence and discipline but they learn very quickly that the whole philosophy behind TKD not only helps in achieving one’s goals but also offers a multitude of benefits that becomes apparent in their daily lives.  As your attitude about your physical self improves, you will gain mental assurance.  This is the relationship of your body and mind...mind improves body...body improves mind.

-”Taking Tae Kwon Do as a family has given us a great activity to do together...Tae Kwon Do has helped me to be more confident…the friends that you make become like family…” Stacey Julien (Mother & Student)

With You In Mind:

At Byung Lee’s King Tiger TKD we are not only interested in self-defense skills, but in the development of each person as a whole.  As a famous teacher once said, “These are the tools of everyday life.  What you learn here, you can apply elsewhere.”  Nowhere is this more important than in our children’s classes, where we realize that they must embody the very same principles that parents try to instill in their children.

Teaching Excellence:

  Since 1988, Byung Lee’s King Tiger TKD has been bringing the very best in martial arts instruction to Eastern NC.  Our instructors are personally selected for not only their skill and achievements in martial arts, but also for their ability to effectively relate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages and backgrounds.  Therefore, our instructors continuously undergo advanced training in all self defense skills and each and every one keeps abreast with the latest teaching methods and human development. 

Flexible Programs:

Byung Lee’s King Tiger TKD is open 6 days a week with flexible class schedules and rates, making it easy for you to study and progress through the ranks.

Structured Classes:

Classes are 30 or 45 min. long (depending on Children’s or All Belt Class) and feature self defense instruction, physical conditioning and various training exercises designed to help you achieve physical and mental excellence.

Trial Program:

 We are very concerned about our new students, so we take things one step at a time.  Before considering one of our many programs you can take advantage of a free trial lesson or special introductory courses.

Special Discounts:

  Special Discounts are available on Family Plans, Groups (five or more), Police officers, Fire Fighters, handicapped Individuals, and College Students.  Our Staff will be happy to discuss any of these programs with you.




"We love King Tiger! Great instruction and all the instructors care about the students. We drive an hour to class 3 times a week for our son. Totally worth it!"  - Erin J.

"My daughter goes her three days a week and loves it. The instructors are very good with children. You don't just learn taekwondo but also physical fitness, discipline, and the value of hard work. We've recommended King Tiger to everyone we know." - Shane W.

"Master Parks and Master Osbourne has be wonderful Instructors. My son has learned so much at King Tiger Tae Kwon Do. He is not even the same child, he has so much more confidence in himself than he had 2 1/2 years ago. I am so proud of him, and I want to thank Master Parks and Master Osbourne for always going the extra mile." - Pam M. 

"Both Master Park and Master Osbourne are wonderful teachers, patient, and clearly enjoy children. More than that, it truly is a wonderful atmosphere that fosters both discipline and builds self-esteem. Everyone is welcomed and valued. It has helped John very much with his focus and work ethic. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to get their child involved in an activity that builds self-esteem and wonderful life skills. Thank you King Tiger for all you do!" - Ruth R.

"Love it Wonderful people Kind thoughtful Masters and teachers Fun place for the whole family" - Patricia E.